Jul 3, 2012

Csilla & Andrés - Córdoba, Spain

This is my first wedding outside Romania... I've been photographing the civil ceremony of our good friends, Raluca and Les, in the Netherlands last year, but this was my first actual wedding outside Romania where I spoke 95% of the time in english.
I met Andrés two years ago at the wedding of Adrian and Doina (big big "thank you" for this guys). We didn't speak then but I remembered him. When he wrote to me that he's getting married and that  he wants me to come to Cordoba for his wedding with Csilla I said that this could never work for me, I can't be that lucky... but I did! And here we are, a small selection from a somehow different style of wedding then what you saw on my blog until now. 
In a few words, the wedding started at 9 in the evening with the ceremony. Prior to that, I've been to Csilla just for a few portraits (they didn't want me to photograph their preparations, but I got 30 minutes from her for a few portraits). After the ceremony, there was the reception in an absolutly beatutiful venue and a really cool party. Unfortunatelly they didn't have time for a photo session after the wedding and there was no way we could do this in the same day as the wedding. Also, a few images I've selected from their party didn't make it to the blog because they wouldn't let me show you  just how much fun they had. :))
All in all, this was such an amazing experience for me. I can't thank you enough Csilla and Andrés for trusting me and giving me this great oportunity. I really hope you, your families and friends will enjoy these pictures and  I am looking forward meeting you again soon.  :)

See you soon,

PS: At the end of this post there is a password protected slideshow with more pictures from their wedding. For the password, ask Csilla & Andrés and don't forget to turn on the sound of your speakers or headphones. I hope you'll like it!