Mar 13, 2013

My ISPWP 2012 Winter Contest Awards

Well... two more awards! :) I am super happy, of course. ISPWP contest alongside Fearless Photographers contest are the best places for wedding photography in the world and the contests where the main reason I've enrolled on their huge list of international wedding photographers. The idea is not to brag about this... though this is exactly what I am doing, I know, but these contest are the real deal in my job and a confirmation that what I am trying to is going in a nice direction. I aim higher, this round I was sooo close getting in top 20 (with one more picture in a top 10 category I think I would've been there), but this is a tough contest and I don't even expect to win something every round  With a little help from my brides and grooms in 2013 and with a fresh and fearless mind and soul, maybe I'll achieve even more. Until then, work, work, work... and inspiration! Take a look at all the amazing pictures awarded at this contest here: