Nov 23, 2013

Ana-Maria & Kevin - Bucharest, Romania

Hello again! I told you I'd be back in a few days. Staying home working on thousands and thousands of pictures I took in the last 3-4 months is... liberating! Still a lot of work to do, but at least I'm done with everything else and all I do is edit my pictures. :) I'll write this post in English since the groom is Irish and many of his friends will eventually visit my blog. 
Ana-Maria and Kevin had a very different wedding from the ones I'm usually photographing. First of all, the groom, his friends and family, they are all Irish. I tell you... great guys, where there is a group of Irish people anywhere, you can bet you'll have a great time. :) I sure did. The wedding was really somehow traditional and it was really interesting for me, like I've traveled back in time because I haven't shot this kind of wedding in Bucharest for a long time. Add to this mix Romanians, some of them from Italy and Spain, some awesome Irish guys and a catholic ceremony, plus probably the hottest weekend of the year and we have their wedding! But Ana Maria & Kevin were fantastic and inspired everyone to have a great time at their wedding, including me. 
Thank you Ana-Maria and Kevin for your trust and patience. I'm so sorry I was late with your pictures (with everybody pictures - but I'll recover all the time I've "lost" - gained in my journeys). I really hope you'll enjoy what you're about to see! :) 
See you soon,

PS: At the end of this post there is a password protected slideshow with more pictures from their wedding (and a lot more color ones, in case you were wondering where those are). For the password, ask Ana-Maria & Kevin and don't forget to turn on the sound of your speakers or headphones. I hope you'll like it!

Slideshow Ana-Maria & Kevin - Buftea, Romania from Marius Barbulescu on Vimeo.