Jan 11, 2016

Dora & Michel - Neuchâtel, Switzerland


2015 was a year like no other… it was that good. I’ve traveled more than anytime and probably I’ll never travel so much again in just one year. I didn’t have time to get bored, I have to say this. Looking back, it feels like 3 years’ worth of amazing experiences I was blessed with. The best part is the new friends I’ve made and with Dora and Michel I’m sure it’s for the long-run. I was welcomed as one of their friends and we’ve said good bye as if we’ve known each other for so long. They gave me some of the dearest memories of 2015 and I can’t thank them enough for this. People like them make my job the best in the world because after 7 years now, I still love it.
About their wedding I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. All I can say is that I was surprised many times! J The party was so crazy, in contrast with the rest of the day. I didn’t see that coming! With games and dancing all night long, I didn’t want to leave for my room at the end of the party. The photo session two days later almost didn’t happen because of the rain, but we were very lucky and took all our chances.
Dora and Michel, thank you so much for your friendship and trust shooting these pictures! I miss you both!  A big hug to you, but also Andreea and Adrian, two dear friends you might know from last year who hosted me for the 2 days. I never felt so pampered in their sweet home! :))
Let's make 2016 the best year ever! Thank you for still being here on my blog!

Dora & Michel - Neuchâtel, Switzerland - August, 2015 from Marius Barbulescu on Vimeo.