Feb 11, 2016

Fene & Cheah - Santorini, Greece

A couple from Singapore (or anywhere else in the world) coming to Santorini for an elopement is not unusual, I've seen countless wedding pictures from that beautiful island. But for me it was a huge deal exactly because it was such a popular place. Fortunately, Fene and Cheah had an itinerary for two days and we started with that. And we made a deal: we'll have a great time together no matter what! No pressure, no "must have" pictures (I had all these iconic Santorini pictures that were hunting me), just enjoying out time there. I was relieved. And during these two days I discovered more than one of the most impressive place on Earth (no wonder why it is so popular), but two warm, cheerful and fearless new friends I'd love to see again anytime.
We had an amazing time together, Fene and Cheah! I can't thank you enough for such dear memories I have with the two of you in Santorini.

Fene & Cheah - Santorini, Greece - October 2015 from Marius Barbulescu on Vimeo.