Nov 3, 2017

Michaela & Andreas - Attersee, Austria

It was my first wedding outside Romania in 2017 and also a great vacation for my family. I knew Michaela and Andreas from Ulli and Gregor's wedding 2 years ago (two dear friends now who made our little vacation an unforgettable one). The weddings where Ulli and Gregor are involved happens to have a special place in my heart every time. When I'm documenting the day, I feel truly welcomed and this trust gives me a lot of energy and responsibility. This group of friends has a very special vibe that my words can't describe very well. Just look at Michaela and Andreas reactions in my pictures and you might know what I mean.
The wedding was superb in every way. Michaela and Andreas made sure everybody felt great by organizing everything so well that nothing felt out of place. And they had a great time without worrying about anything (I guess that's the secret). Isabella, their daughter, a beautiful and happy little girl just a little older than our Ana-Matilda, was, of course, the hero of the day. Most of the time when people where smiling or laughing was because of her.
Michaela, Andreas and Isabella , thank you for letting me document a very important day in the history of your beautiful family. It was a very special day for me too thanks to you!
All the best,

PS: You can get the password for the slideshow at the end of the blogpost from Michaela and Andreas! Thank you!

Michaela & Andreas - Attersee, Austria - June 2017 from Marius Barbulescu on Vimeo.