Mar 1, 2018

Anamaria & Raimon - Manasia, Romania

Even if I don't mention the people I get to work with, the effort and creativity behind every wedding I go to is tremendous. We, as photographers (and videographers as well), are there to enjoy the work of these people and do our best to put it all in a good light. And every time I have a wedding with Andrada Sas, I know one thing for sure: that wedding will be quite special!
Add into this mix a super fun, romantic and beautiful couple, and you have a wedding to remember. I didn't meet them until the wedding day, but I knew a little about them that made me curious and happy to shoot their wedding.
Thank you, Anamaria and Raimon, I'm really happy you chose me to photograph your wedding! :) You are amazing!
All the best,