Jul 23, 2018

Barbara & David - Seefeld, Austria


What a joy to document the wedding day of Barbara and David! This is the third wedding I photograph during winter in Tyrol in the last 3 or 4 years, but this one finally had a lot of  snow and the weather was perfect. And the place was magical! Surrounded by their close family and best friends, it wasn't a big wedding, but one with a huge heart that was beating for Barbara and David. And I was one of the people who felt for them all the time because they are truly beautiful and good people. 
Thank you, Barbara and David, for your trust and hospitality! With people like you, wedding photography it's so much more than a job, it's a beautiful life experience for me too. 
All the best,

PS: Radu, an ex-client, ex-workshop attendee and a good friend now joined me to this wedding coming all the way from... Switzerland. He came by train, it was just a few hours away from him, but his effort was bigger that that! :)) It was great having him shooting alongside and he did a great job, 3 of his pictures bellow belong to him. Thank you, Radu!