Sep 17, 2019

Manu & Alexander - Kursalon Hübner, Vienna, Austria

Manu & Alexander's wedding was a special one for many reasons. First, the wedding was wonderful, both emotional and fun, with beautiful people and lots of surprises from their friends and family. Love was in the air for every second of it.
Second, 11 years ago, when I started shooting weddings, it was a shared dream with one of my best friends, Eugen. We talked and made plans about doing this together, we even shot a few weddings together, but somehow we went on our separate ways. We evolved independently in different parts of Romania, but our friendship endured and evolved as well. I shot Manu and Alexander wedding with Eugen and this is the beginning of a new adventure for both of us. It will take time, but we'll come back to our primordial dream and we'll be a team for many years to come.
Manu and Alexander, I hope you'll enjoy these pictures. It was an amazing experience for us and thank you for trusting us with your memories!