Feb 9, 2020

Anca & Manfred - Flavours In The Garden at Diplomatic Club, Bucharest, Romania

Starting off this update on my wedding photography blog/journal with a bang: Anca and Manfred's awesome wedding in 2023.
After having photographed numerous weddings in Austria in the past, I found myself pleasantly surprised when Anca and Manfred's wedding brought some Austrian traditions right to my backyard—something I hadn't experienced in quite some time and missed dearly.
Anca and Manfred? They weren't your typical lovey-dovey, cookie-cutter couple. No, they were the real deal. Their wedding wasn't just about ticking off boxes on the romance checklist—it was about raw energy and genuine connection. I enjoyed every moment from start to finish!
Looking forward sharing more of my work from last year here in the coming weeks!