Nov 18, 2014

Susi & Greg - Mönichkirchen, Austria

We've had such a lovely week in Austria this summer, but the best of times there for us was this day.

Susi and Greg have put so much love and care into preparing their wedding... and the weather forecast looked so awful that day. But God blessed them with a cloudy sky and no rain until midnight. Incredibly lucky and blessed they are! Even I (an incurable optimist) lost hope at the sight of the clouds beneath us. But all turned out perfect. 
It was a small and intimate wedding only for them and their closest loved ones in a location I fell in love with immediately. The party in particular was so unique because the DJ was Susi's brother and he did a terrific job with that. Because the space for the dance floor was quite small, I had to stay right in the middle of everything and I was afraid my presence there will ruin the energy of the party, but in no time people forgot about me and that was exactly what I was waiting for. :)  

Thank you so much, Susi and Greg, for your trust and friendship! We had a great time and I hope you'll love these pictures and moments as much as we do. See you soon in Vienna for a coffee! ;)
All the best from Romania!

PS: At the end of this post there is a password protected slideshow with more pictures from their wedding . For the password, ask Susi or Greg. Don't forget to turn on the sound of your speakers or headphones. I hope you'll like it!

PS2: I kept saying we and that's because my lovely wife, Monica, shot with me for a few hours at this wedding. I don't know how she does it considering the fact that her experience with shooting photos at weddings is close to zero (and her shooting experience is at amateur lever), but one of her pictures here is hers (the one with the balloons flying). One day maybe I'll have enough money to hire her as a permanent 2nd shooter! :))

Slideshow Susi & Greg - Mönichkirchen, Austria from Marius Barbulescu on Vimeo.