Mar 24, 2014

Carolyn & David - Santa Rosa, California, USA

Writing about this is not easy. My trip to the States still feels like a dream I woke up suddenly. 8 days there feel like 60 intense seconds of my life. I can barely gather my memories in one place. This is such a long and personal story I will share only with my friends and family, all I'll say is that absolutely nothing feels like a coincidence for me now. The people I met, the places I've seen, all my adventures... my journey was life changing. And all happened because Carolyn and David trusted me. And finding out that Carolyn is also a photographer (and a very talented one, trust me!) and listening about their "out of this world" love story made me feel even more excited about their wedding.
Right from the very first moment I met them, I felt like home. All their family and friends welcomed me in a way I could not believe was possible. I was so immersed into what was happening in front of me and absolutely nothing stood between me and my camera. It was my chance to do my best without any restrictions from anything else but myself and my own limitations. That's a one in a million situation and I never thought of the outcome until I've started editing my pictures. And down below you'll see what I did there. I'm not proud, just genuinely grateful, happy and lucky I was among them at their beautiful, soulful and intimate wedding. Words are just not enough to express what I felt back then (and even now).
Carolyn and David, I will never be able to thank you enough for everything. Watching you pictures (and especially the slideshow) brings me back there like nothing else. I do hope you'll feel the same. That would be "our perfect circle". You are amazing! :)

All the best from Romania,

PS: At the end of this post there is a password protected slideshow  with more pictures from their wedding . For the password, ask Carolyn & David. Don't forget to turn on the sound of your speakers or headphones. I hope you'll like it!

PS2: Thank you Matei Horvath, Anna Kuperberg and Robyn Navarro. My trip to the States was unforgettable because of you also. :)  

Slideshow Carolyn & David - Santa Rosa, California, USA from Marius Barbulescu on Vimeo.