May 29, 2015

Heidi & Peter - Bad Gastein, Austria

This one was so much fun! :) Heidi and Peter came from England to Austria for the mountains and the snow and to throw one big super fun party with the ones they love the most. A wedding like a vacation for everyone! Except for the snow at the hotel (we were lucky to find some snow after all after a long and beautiful ride in a carriage through the woods), everything was a dream come true. For me, as their photographer, I felt blessed for every moment I was able to photograph. The trust and freedom I've had during their wedding day was liberating and comfortable and I honestly say I've had a great time shooting every picture you'll see bellow! Thank you, Heidi and Peter, for everything. I hope you'll enjoy these now and forever.

PS: At the end of this post there is a password protected slideshow with more pictures from their wedding. For the password, ask Heidi or Peter. Don't forget to turn on the sound of your speakers or headphones. I hope you'll like it!

PS2: A big thank you for Alex Cristurean ( , my friend from Austria, who joined me for this one as a second shooter! Some of the pictures in the slideshow are his, he did a great job on this! :)