Jun 8, 2015

Erin & Ben in Bucharest, Romania

Seven years ago I discovered I could pursue wedding photography with passion and purpose and until that moment it all seemed like a compromise, just a way to pay my bills. I've heard and read the same story so many times all over the world among wedding photographers and everything points to the same Ben and Erin's amazing photography. Their body of work transformed wedding photography and not just that. It goes beyond that to a more personal note for all the people who started dreaming big because of them.
When Erin asked me if I'm available for a photo shoot in Bucharest after the Fearless Conference just before they left Romania... I was mesmerized! And scared (they both told me that they know how it feels to shoot for other photographers and that I should  not worry about that and have fun with it.)! :) For 2 months until we met I thought about what am I going to do with them and it started to rain for 4 days in a row. Bucharest was cold and damp and Erin wrote to me in the morning that it's OK if I want to call it off considering the really bad weather. A little voice inside me was hoping they would call it off since they had their masterclass here a day before (and a late night party after, as I soon found out), so I figured they were pretty tired. If there was no rain, but acid and fire coming from the sky over Bucharest, I would have still not call it off! :) 
And spending a couple of hours in that grey, rainy and gloomy Bucharest with these two people made me realize something I was only guessing before knowing them just a little better. They are genuinely unaware of all the good that came from their work and how many lives changed because of them. Or maybe they are aware, but they don't think too much about it. And that's good, I think, because I have rarely met two people so modest and easy going like them. After 10 minutes with them I was myself again at a photo shoot doing my own stuff the best way I could do, no matter the circumstances. 
Thank you so much, Erin and Ben, for an experience I'll never forget! 

P.S. 1: I didn't see the mirror for the cover photo, Erin did! :) Of course!
P.S. 2: Thank you, Vali Matei, you were of great help and support! You are one of the very few people I shoot comfortably around. ;)