Jul 8, 2015

2 workshops & 2 conferences - My sharing experience in 2015

Last year, when I announced my first workshop, I didn't know if I can do this the next year or ever again, it consumed me mentally, but also helped me "restart". I like to think about myself that I am not afraid of anything so, instead of one, I did two.

I feel extremely lucky with all the participants to my workshop until now. They were gentle and forgiving, very curious and had a ton of great questions for me. I realized now more than ever that it's me that needs these workshops more than anyone, sharing and thinking about your way of doing things is a great learning experience. And for the time we had together, I've shared all I knew. And I could see in the way they looked at me that these workshops were, maybe, just little bit to "sincere", from my part. But I want to keep things this way.

And there were the 2 conferences where I was a speaker for the first time in front of larger audiences than I'm used to at my workshops. First it was Amsterdam (Masters of Dutch Photography Event), and  two months later in Ipotesti (Conventia WeddingStaff).  It was frightening and revealing. The last time I spoke in front of more than 15 people I've started crying for no reason (it was in kindergarten). I almost lost it in Amsterdam too, but I conquered my fear and finished my presentation (I think I was at 30-40% of what I imagined I'll be), but in Botosani, where I spoke for 3 hours without a break, I did so much better. I think I'm ready for the the next experience as a speaker, if that will ever happen again, I've learned so much and I can't thank enough to all the people who trusted me with this, especially because they knew I had zero experience in doing presentations. :) They know who they are and I'm so very grateful to them.

Life is not always good to us and after the best start of the year I could imagine, both personal and with my work,  I was firmly reminded that there's a Balance in all things and I had to pay for everything a price that still feels to me unfair. It was a battle that left me with many scars, but not enough to make me quit. I remain grateful for all the good and bad things in my life, it's my Journey.

This blog is 20% of my life and I'll keep it fair and true to myself.
Thank you for being here! :)


P.S. : I was helped at my workshops by two great friends and fellow photographers, Vali Matei (www.valimatei.ro) and Vlad Lodoaba (www.byvlad.com), to organize things to free my mind from everything else so I could share openly and freely without any distractions. They both did amazing! They also documented both workshops and surprised me with a lot of great pictures (some of them you'll see bellow). Thanks a lot, my friends! Also, my ex-clients, Simona and Stefan, and future clients, Maria and Florin, all friends now, kindly accepted to let me shoot them for a few hours. And it wasn't easy for them surrounded by so many people, but they were great, as you can see, I hope, from the pictures bellow. :) The pictures from Amsterdam are shot by Damon Piljman! Thank you, my friend!

P.S. 2 : I'm sorry if this is only in English, all my friends speak English, but not all of them know Romanian.