Dec 15, 2015

Anna & Simon - Innsbruck, Austria
Innsbruck... what a city! I thought I saw the best of Austria, but this country never stops to amaze me.
I didn't know much about Anna and Simon, all I knew was that they have great friends! :) And we have a saying in Romania that has a correspondence in English: "Birds of a feather flock together". This is always true.

It’s never “just another wedding” for me… it never was! But somehow and sometimes I was getting distracted from my road with things I thought were important and lost focus. If God (the Universe) is good to you, he’ll show you the way, even if He’s not easy on you.
Meeting Anna and Simon was transformative and personal. I learned a lesson from them that’s more valuable than all the awards in the world. I won’t go deep into this here, and this is where I’ll stop and let you see their wedding. They have beautiful families and friends and larger than life hearts. Pictures never lie, it’s all here!
Thanks you so much, Anna and Simon, your wonderful family and friends! It was a roller-coaster of emotions and a story I’m sure we’ll never forget!

Anna & Simon - Innsbruck, Austria - May 2015 from Marius Barbulescu on Vimeo.