Dec 2, 2016

Diana & Rod - Bucharest, Romania

Half Romanian, half French, this wedding in Bucharest had a distinctive flair to it that it's hard to explain in words. Bucharest was very hot, but small gusts of wind kept us cool for the whole day and we forgot about the temperature pretty soon. With Diana and Rod I had a lot of fun, especially at the photo session after the ceremony, when we decided to walk for 5 kilometers to the venue and take pictures on our way there. It feels so much real and it makes so much more sense to shoot a photo session like this, without any props, plans and itineraries. And Diana and Rod are so great together, that little to no direction was needed, I just had to witness them as they are.
Thank you so much, Diana and Rod, for being so patient with me, I know you (as all my clients this year) had to wait to much for these. I am grateful I met you and I hope to meet you again someday! :)
All the best,

PS: The slideshow at the end of this blogpost is password protected. Ask Diana and Rod for it, please! Thank you! 

Diana & Rod - Bucharest, Romania - July 2016 from Marius Barbulescu on Vimeo.