Mar 8, 2017

Christine & Wolfgang - Schloss Ernegg, Austria

People ask me all the time: for how long do you think you can shoot weddings? For 5 more years? 10? How come you still love doing the same thing for 8 years now? It's true that wedding are basically the same everywhere, but there is something essential that is never the same at every wedding, in different measures, but always there: the people!
I've been waiting for Wolfgang and Christine's wedding all year. I met both of them last year at the wedding of Christine's sister and I knew how super nice they were, but I was also very happy to meet again a few very good friends from last year, Ulli and Gregor. Going back shooting a family you know is always so nice and interesting, plus that you, as a photographer, already feel accepted and makes everything so much more enjoyable and easy. I must confess that when I really feel a connection with the people I am photographing, I immerse myself completely into the day without ever feeling boredom, stress or fatigue. It's like I'm getting a lot of energy from the people around me. And it was a beautiful wedding and I feel grateful I was the one to capture all their memories in these photos.
Thank you, Christine and Wolfgang, for trusting me and for waiting these pictures with so much patience! And to answer the question I've started this blog post: people like you keep me in wedding photography. How could I ever feel burned out when I work for such amazing people? :)

Christine & Wolfgang - Schloss Ernegg, Austria - September 2016 from Marius Barbulescu on Vimeo.