Mar 14, 2017

Ursula & Christoph - Vienna, Austria

And this wedding in the last one for 2016. This beautiful wedding and the last one on my blog have a few things in common (you'll recognize some familiar faces also if you are paying attention :)), especially the relaxed and totally natural way everything happened. Ursula and Christoph live and feel for each other, something that shows up quite a lot in these pictures. They also laugh a lot and their positive energy is very contagious. All these mix for a great time for everyone around them and it's no wonder everybody loves these two so much.
Thank you, Ursula and Christoph, for trusting me and for you patience waiting such a long time for these pictures! It has been a pleasure and a joy to be present at your wedding and I'm looking forward meeting you again ! :)

I feel so lucky and grateful for everything in 2016, both good (mostly) and bad. I feel ready for 2017!
All the best,

Ursula & Christoph - Vienna, Austria - October 2016 from Marius Barbulescu on Vimeo.