Dec 10, 2011

Raluca & Lesly

We get to meet so many people because of what we do and most of them, luckily, are really cool people. But only once in a while it happens to meet a few couples who will become our friends and vice versa. This is when we get really lucky. I believe we got lucky with Raluca and Lesly. :) 
Raluca is Romanian, Lesly is Dutch. For their pictures we traveled quite a lot because their civil ceremony took place in Holland and their wedding in Bucharest. So this is why you see them in so many places in the pictures below. :) But it was such a great experience for us not just because they are super nice and friendly, but because their families and friends are just the same. We had the time of our life both in Holland, and home, for their wedding here. The only thing I regret is the fact we didn't get to Maastricht (very close to where they live) for a photo session, but we can do this anytime. We're friends and Raluca loves the camera now more then ever. I bet this is what she's thinking right now (aperture, f stops... DOF). :)) This is a joke only she and Lesly will laugh about. I hope you’ll like these pictures… and thanks a lot for your patience. Miss you, guys! :)

See you soon,
Marius and Monica